Useful readthedocs notations

This document is used to show some exmples of how to work in this environment.

You can include a document like this: pdf

Example subsection

This is just an example of how to make subsections [Ref1].

Example subsubsection

You can insert math directly in the text. see the example below.

If \(\sigma_{1}\) equals \(\sigma_{2}\) then etc, etc.

Or when you want to define a matrix, it is going to be like:

\(\underline{x}=[ x_{1}, ..., x_{n}]^{T}\)

Now lets try latex math: \(\begin{equation} {T}_{j,LOO} = \frac{1}{N_s -1} \sum_{i \neq j} {V_i^T X_i} \end{equation}\)

Subscript is marked with subscript text. Superscript is marked with superscript text.

  • this is
  • a list
    • with a nested list
    • and some sub-items
  • and here the parent list continues.
term (up to a line of text)

Definition of the term, which must be indented

and can even consist of multiple paragraphs

next term
  1. This is a numbered list.
  2. It has two items too.
  3. This is a numbered list.
  4. It has two items too.

Let’s call a latex file here:

So far this file was invisible. let’s try to import a PDF:

Here is a pdf file pdf

Example of a table:

Minimal processing tools!
  Structural Functional
AFNI autowarp afniproc
BIDS fmriprep fmriprep

Example of the code that is used for postprocessing:

function y=blahblah(x)
[Ref1]Book or article reference